Thursday, February 5, 2015

An Inner psychological sense.

Many in the world claim artlessly that they are who they are either because they simply are that way or rather that it is merely because. They argue that one needs no reason to be or no reason that they have become the person who they are today.Is this true?


Are we always a constant static entity? Is our nature set as either bad or good from birth? An English philosopher in the eighteenth century named John Locke proposed a theory known as tabula rasa or the blank slate. This theory claims that we were born with a blank mind and only our senses and through our experiences that we understand. It is the unfolding of events which have developed in  our person, which causes a person to become who they are at any given point in time. The truth is people are not able to fully grasp this reality most times simply by living. Most use there outwards five senses, which are sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. there are also inner senses which are not psychological that we utilize daily such as the senses of hunger, thirst, tiredness, sickness, weakness, etc… etc… With only these senses it is not illogical that some sees who they are as an individual is almost magical or occult. 


reflection is the inner most sense which exists. It is to sense yourself, and to be acquainted with yourself. If one thinks back or examines records of who they were one is able to gain much insight both on how to improve  and how they are presently who they are. One must critically analyze this data by asking themselves analytical questions. Such questions may be. Why did I act this why? and question yourself further when you have answered the question down to what you hold as convictions. what was your reasoning and thought process was then. Did you hold as truths different premises and ideals? What ideas/reasoning was developed from these events and what events was triggered by this event? What other events did these words or events trigger or what triggered these words that were spoken? How did you as an individual effectively cause these words to be said and what effect or consequences did these words have on you? Etc… Etc……



I thought I would amuse myself and prove to someone what character I was when I was. reading through archives has been rather reflective, and enlightening. It has taught me much about who I was, why I am the person I am now, how human nature works, what action there can be from a reaction, what direction I could take, and how I came to who I am presently. 


This proves the power of reflection and demonstrates the working of reflection as Descartes theorizes it in the eighteenth century. It also if reflected upon and this did not come to me until I sat down to write this that it proves Locke’s theory of tabula Rasa. This then proves rather well why we are the way we are and helps define who we are. This makes the just because reason seem rather vague and substanceless.